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iQuitter (iOS)

In order to quit a negative behavior, a support group who understands your situation is necessary. iQuit provides a custom , private, virtual support group that allows you to connect with others like you. Through iQuit you can join or build a group of people that share the same struggles as you and include those who can help you with their relatable experience.

iQuit will help you to change a behavior, find solutions to life problems, or stay on track with a goal that will benefit you. We all need the support of others during difficult times.

iQuit fills the gap between social networks and behavior support groups. iQuit is available 24 hours a day. You will always find someone to share and chat with when it is most needed.

Choose Your Role:
iQuit has a role for you, whether you need help, you feel that you can help others or both. You can connect with other people based on needed support, location, age, and gender.


•Text Help Line: iQuit users can find, meet, connect, and share with other iQuit users at any time. iQuit allows you to send emergency notifications and requests for support to your groups or contacts and receive messages back.

You can choose how many people will get your messages, how many responses you need to get back and how long after you send the message you will be available.
•Private Anonymous Groups
•Big Red Button: When in a crisis situation, a simple push of the Big Red Button on your homepage of the app will notify your group members that you need support immediately.

•Join a group
•Start your own group and control who is in your group
•Get support
•Help others
•Broadcast your messages to your groups
•Broadcast your messages to an individual in your group
•Chose how many replies you need and when you need them
•Chose to share your identity or remain anonymous