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Our Company

Ideaz To Apps is a consultation company that offers technology development and business strategy services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Ideaz To Apps focuses in two critical areas of the value chain for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Number One, we take your ideas and create a tangible product or service for you to build a business around. Number Two, we work with you to create a sustainable business model and growth strategy around your business product or service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring entrepreneurs and small business’ ideas for an apps and/or services to the market and to educate them on what it takes to create and sustain a business around those ideas.

Our Approach

Our approach is different than any of our direct competitors because we bring YOUR IDEA and YOUR BUSINESS to life. We take your idea and create a product, app, or service. Then we educate on the cost of ownership for that product, app, and/or service (maintenance, upgrades, etcetera). Lastly we work with you on your business model and business strategy, to create a sustainable business that you will one day sale for millions of dollars.









A Real Life Example from One of Our Customers

An example of a business problem we have encountered before with one of our customers is as follows:

A customer chose an online marketing method as part of their overall marketing strategy that takes generally six months to yield results that provide a return on investment. However, after we analyzed their strategy we determined they have a budget constrain that will allow them to sustain their overall marketing strategy for 3 months. In this example it is easy to see that they have their method does not fit in their strategy.

We helped fix the marketing strategy by changing the methods, and using new tools that would get maximum value from their investment of time and money over a 6 month period.

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